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About Me

I am experienced website developer from Surat, Gujarat, India working in website development company at Project Management and Analysis level.

Jignesh Wadia experienced website developer | website development from surat, gujarat, india I am an enthusiastic, reliable, conscientious, dedicated, hard working, friendly and pleasant personality that always welcome the opportunity of learning new skills, enjoys work well under pressure and enjoys a challenge. I am an ambitious to achieve high results for the companies I work for. I have experience in requirements gathering, information architecture, content architecture, prototype development and documenting the front-end requirements.

I born and grow up in Surat, Gujarat, India. In my career I got my first job at Core Software Solution, Surat as a Software Developer. And then after I joined Dotinfosys [now August Infotech] as a Senior Software Developer in July 2002 and it was a great opportunity for me to work with professional developers. On completion of one year, I got promoted as a Team Leader and started journey of my professional life and it was a time to get new responsibility. And currently I am working as a Project Manager at August Infotech.

Why I created My Personal website?

I am using Internet for a long time and browsing other's websites. Some of them are good and others are not so good to make impressions. But I feel that they cater a great thing for them, to express themselves. Internet is a medium through which we can air our voice, our opinions and thoughts. Through this website I would like to express My thoughts, Try to show My creativity (That much I have) and help others in their problems.

What I like?

Basically, I am vegetarian. I don't smoke and drink alcohol. I am quite selfish. In my spare time I enjoy reading, playing cricket, music, spending time with friends at parties and going to the theatre/cinema. I also like to travel and visit new places.

A Big Thanks To....

I would like to thank my family and friends who helped me in every part of my life. Special thanks to Shilpa Wadia (My Wife) and my dad who has helped me in my career path.

Contact Me

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